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@Whoismikebars Drops Single “Up To No Good” (VIDEO)

It’s been three years since Mike Bars released his YouTube smash, “There Will Be Blood” with SwizZz, (which has since accumulated a cult following of “Barheads”, and over 2.5 million views) – but after much anticipation, the Portland rapper/producer has finally returned to the mic…and this time, with a vengeance. In his brand new single, “Up To No Good” off of his upcoming EP, Desperate Measures, Mike brings former Funk Volume artist Jarren Benton along for the ride. Oozing swagger and complex rhyme schemes over his own looming production, the Northwest emcee leads the viewer through a Hip Hop horror movie about bullies, revenge…oh, and let’s not forget tarantulas. This far-from-your-average rap video was directed and edited by Mike Bars himself, alongside Oregon visionary, Cypress Jones, on a budget of only 40 dollars.


  • Rachel Rampage

    Love the new up 2 no good track ..love seeing mike bars back at it

  • Amanda Kulm

    Such a good song!!! Always in my head!!

  • Joe Hernandez

    Can’t get enough of this song Absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥