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WAJU – “4 Me” ft. Kyle The Hooligan




As a music producer, WAJU is all about the drive and love for music innovation. Evolving greatly the past couple of years, WAJU has branched off into multiple genres of music after moving back and fourth from New York to Sweden. Today WAJU is currently working closely with music collaborator Teflon Sega who continues to release projects of his own. As well as Australian artist NYNE and New York artist Kyle the Hooligan from the group God COmplexx with SAINt JHN

In March WAJU has teamed up with an amazing songwriter from Stockholm Sweden who remains to be unnamed for his debut Producer/Artist single “FADed”. Currently, WAJU has a record titled “4 Me” coming out August 18th, 2017 featuring Kyle the Hooligan.

New York producer, WAJU debuts his second single titled ” 4 Me” featuring Atlanta artist Kyle the Hooligan. Both WAJU and Kyle have teamed up to create a sound that is rhythmic and meaningful at the same time. Working very closely together WAJU and Kyle demonstrate their euphoric energy and Synergy together to create a song that resonates a meaningful message. The last record they have together is one featuring Teflon Sega with one of his singles titles “Liquor with No Juice” Listening to “4 Me” a couple time may incline you to dance to the melodies of Kyles voice or move the rhythm of WAJUs drums but after a deep listen you can understand the suicidal thoughts of a hurt man.

This song is about a person fighting the temptations of being with other women and struggling to be a good man. So in his efforts to becoming better, he explains his mentality to his girl through a letter. Begging her for understanding and patience as he fights his troubling suicidal thoughts caused by his infidelities.

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