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Step Aside Future, Curren$y Is The Hardest Working Rapper In The Game Right Now

curreny1The title “Hardest Working Rapper” is a very vague statement for someone. What does that mean? What qualifies as a hard working rapper? How can one compare two artists based on how hard they work? It can be an endless argument but I’m here to attempt to settle this debacle with cold hard facts.

We all know Future, a living, breathing hit machine. He seems to be featured on a new banger every week. I believe the hype coming out of this popular opinion that Future is the hardest working rapper is because of how many times and how often he’s featured on songs. Now I am not saying he isn’t a devoted and pound-for-pound rapper but I do think he is a bit overrated when it comes to this claim. Don’t get me wrong, Future is a top tier artist that attracts thousands on thousands on thousands to his shows. His net worth is 8 million dollars, so he must be doing something right.

The first reason why Future doesn’t deserve this title is because, although he has dropped three projects this year so far, Curren$y has a whole total of eight projects; yes your eyes are not deceiving you, eight projects and were only a little past the halfway point of 2016 and I promise you they’re not done yet. Spitta (Curren$y) is the kind of rapper to appeal to a certain audience, sharing a similar fanbase as Wiz Khalifa. His fans are devoted fans that follow him closely, from his music to even the names of his pit bulls. With a very loyal fanbase that Spitta has, he can drop any project with his OG stoner style and his fans will love it. Spitta’s fans can’t seem to get enough Spitta. With Future, to a much different sector of hop-hop fans. The mainstream community, who historically, aren’t the most loyal fans. If one slips up in the mainstream world, they can be completely betrayed by their fans (aka Meek Mill).

I took a brief listen to all eight projects and none of them were crazy eye opening but none disappointed. By far the best one is “Canal Street Confidential”, but if we’re talking mixtape then I believe “The Legend of Harvard Blue” is the most free flowing and natural Spitta mixtapes. If these projects were to be released and were low quality Spitta, then I would give this title to Future but none of these mixtapes are bad, in fact there all pretty good. So, with the combination of releasing good music and releasing them seemingly every few weeks, this title belongs to Curren$y. Now… Just waiting patiently for that #2009 tape with Wiz Khalifa.

Now I know for a fact some of you are thinking “wait, what about Gucci?” Gucci’s case is different. He drops music so often that I can’t keep up with him but, most of his projects that have been released so far are of low quality. East Atlanta Santa 2 wasn’t very good along with many others. The last decent Guwop tape that I can remember was either Trap House 3 or Trap God 2. Its a lot of music that predominately sounds the same across all boards.