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Sean Will – nLUV





Capturing the ears of Mad Decent, Sean Will’s journey early in his career saw summers touring the country with Steve Aoki and hanging with Skrillex and Diplo during BET became the norm. You probably heard of Sean’s sing-song banger “Back Up On It (Jasmine),” garnering praises from Diplo, Complex, and Hot 97 that took a life of its own with Jersey Club dances going viral. Despite this sudden surge in underground music fame, the Jersey-based artist decided to take a step back from his rise in the electronic scene to reexamine his next steps and his ultimate career path. Stripping himself of his previous name (DJ Fire), and to take some time off before re-emerging back into the music scene, Sean Will latest explores various reggae-pop hybrid influences that bring forth a sound that’s yet to be heard in both mainstream and underground culture.