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Mick Jenkins- “The Healing Component” (Album Review)

cslasw7vyaariiqThe ever evolving Chicago artist, Mick Jenkins delivers his highly anticipated album just this past week. Following his short-length album “Wave[s]” that dropped just over a year ago, [Jenkins] delivers one of the most necessary and positive albums of the year, “The Healing Component”. If you don’t know about the artist you’re going to want to learn because, you will be hearing his name much more now. The 25 year old was born in Huntsville, Alabama but hails from Chicago. He is signed to Cinematic Music Group that contains a strong roster of artists, consisting of the following: Joey Bada$$/Pro Era, Smoke DZA, G Herbo, Big KRIT, and more. His ever-growing popularity didn’t surge nationwide until 2014 when he dropped “Water[s]”. This being his third studio album, Jenkins, an amazing story-teller, delivers something that hip-hop is in dire need of, love.

Jenkins has been known to be an exceptional story-teller through his music and does not disappoint with this album. This album’s central focus is about love, that’s where the title comes from. The Chicago artist offers dialogue of him speaking to a women about what love really is. Jenkins dropped a preview to the album in “Drowning” and “Spread Love”. Jenkins has always enjoyed pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. When the community thinks about Chicago and Chicago music there is an automatic expectance to hear a dark and violent sound, Jenkins thinks otherwise. Throughout this project he uses his low, dark, and agile voice to his advantage. Two worlds morphed together, love and darkness.

A great list of features also show up on the album with theMIND appearing on three separate songs along with artists noname, BadBadNotGood, J-Stock, Xavier Omar, Ravyn Lenae, and Michael Anthony. Each feature plays a crucial role in the songs they appear on. On the song “1000 Xans”, theMIND takes over the very musical chorus. BadBadNotGood took control of the lethargic beat making in the ever so popular song “Drowning”. Jenkins diverse list of features is just one thing that helps glue this album together. This project is something different, something that not only hip-hop needs, but Chicago as well. This tape was dropped, (with perfect timing) in the wake of all these shootings, to send the message of love to the youth. Mick Jenkins is here and is ready to break the laws of hip-hop. Rappers today will drop projects based on sex, violence, and drugs, stuff that the community wants. Jenkins dropped a tape that the community needs more of, LOVE. And for that I applaud you.