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Loyal: Inspired to Inspire

Loyal Is No Copycat


He’s unbelievably dedicated and hardworking, and has managed to make tracks that blend different genres of music. He’s been paving the way for his career for years, but of course he takes inspiration from some of hip-hop’s greatest. “The first person is Jay-Z,” he said. “I know it sounds typical, but for multiple reasons. Not only did he manage to make it out the projects, he managed to maintain and run several other business endeavors based off his music platform. “One Door Opens Another” while maintaining a humble mental capacity is amazing to me. But other artists include Kanye West, Master P, J. Cole, Young Jeezy, Future, T.I…” If you like those artists, you’ll love Loyal. Watch out for Loyal’s new music! Listen to “Soaring” here:

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