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KidCray – “Movin on” [New Music]

imageThis 19 year old artist from the Atlanta area shows promise even only having 4 months of rapping under his belt. A fellow writer brought the artist to my attention and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I found his soundcloud and checked out what KidCray had to offer. “Perception” seeming to be his biggest record thus far with 42k plus plays. The latest record titled “Movin on” is just as good and climbing its way up in plays as well. This song in particular is great to me because it’s so relatable. KidCray speaks on wanting to get his mom a house in the hills which I’m sure is everyone’s dream some where down the line. You also hear a story of a falling out with a friend over a girl in which the two come to blows. KidCray has a identity of his own as far as sound goes but if you compared him to anybody his music give you a OVO , Drake, Bryson Tiller vibe slightly BUT AGAIN a style of his own check it out.