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KHEM – “Down Down”

down downToronto artist, Khem, has amassed a large underground following due to releasing tons of singles, high-end cinematic music videos, and his acclaimed DARKTRAP the Mixtape. Today he returns with his single “Down Down”. Read his statement and listen to the banger below.

” “Down Down” was a product of those late nights, speeding on the highway, headed downtown. Seeing the flashing lights, reflections. It puts you in that mood. And when i get time to reflect and paint pictures in my head my mind goes crazy. I had the concept of ‘Downtown , relationships, triumph, heartbreak’ and I just wanted to tie that whole ‘scene’ together. And as soon as I heard the beat I said, ‘Yeah I know you cool, but is you down down?’ over and over again. After that the song just wrote itself.”