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Jay IDK Teaser

Jay IDK Teaser


Jay IDK recently released the album cover for his upcoming album “Empty Bank” alongside the single ‘Is’. The artwork depicts Benjamin Franklin (the dude on the hundo bill) holding a noose while Jay IDK is on the not-so-friendly end. Initially, I thought the scene was used to portray racism in America, however, Jay has vocally explained that the image depicts how we are all slaves to money.


In addition to the recent release, Jay has dropped ‘N***a’, ‘Mentality’, and ‘Somebody’. These three songs illuminate Jay IDK’s ability to Ignorantly Deliver Knowledge in a variety of ways, showing how truly dynamic of an artist he is.


If you check out the track list, each song title is a part of a sentence, effectively writing “Curse My N***a Mentality All I Care About Is Spending Money Somebody Needs to Help Me But I Can’t Trust Nobody”. Not only does Jay go out of his way to spit savage bars with original word schemes, he literally created a summary of his album.


I might be impartial to Jay IDK because I’ve been a huge fan since I heard his earlier albums “Sex, Drugs, and Homework” and “Subtrap”. Both of these albums illuminate the different highs and lows of the life of a plug (allegedly) from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) ranging from getting yelled at for not doing schoolwork, to simply riding the metro to and from locations.


Judging off of the two previous projects, “Empty Bank” is going to be unreal. But don’t take my word for it, please, please listen to him and develop your own opinion.