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Jamballaz – “Filthy”


With all of the dynamics Jamballaz brings visually, audibly, and interactively they are blazing a entrance for a new hybrid genre of RegHop. Jamballaz are making swift moves in the states and this movement has notedly capture bloggers as broad as Africa. The duo is eager to bring their footprints to their beloved Jamaica where their history first became written, as well as take over the airwaves on a global scale. Jamballaz bring a vibrance that listeners of all genres can enjoy. Today they bring us the video for their latest single catching on widely titled, “Filthy”. The new record showcases the groups ability to not only fuse reggae and hip hop together but also make a pretty catchy hook at the same time. Catch the visual below directed by Nimi Hendrix out of New Jersey and make sure to check out the single on iTunes.