[Interview] {@narue_pearson} talks the industry and his future of where his sound belongs? source via {@cxc_frames} | The Daily Dose

[Interview] {@narue_pearson} talks the industry and his future of where his sound belongs? source via {@cxc_frames}

Keith: Your one of the more regcognizable creatives in the PGH music scene. What age did you first release your art into the public? Only at the age of 20 how hard is it to maintain and stay consistent with good quality sounds that are appealing to the public viewers?
Narue: I officially released my first song back in august of 2014 when I was 18. Before that I was just mainly doing covers to get myself out there. I don’t necessarily think its hard to maintain good quality music however. I feel like music is always changing you, you just have to study the industry and take pieces and notes of what’s going on and put it into your own style of music to stay up to date but still being yourself.
Keith: So at this point in your musical career how much have you traveled for production and networking purposes?
Narue: I travel almost 3 times a month at first it was more to NYC but ever since going out to LA, to network I know that’s my home. I love the vibe and how serious and creative everyone out there is, LA is a place where I feel like I’ll thrive and grow into the artist I truly want to be.
Keith: What are some locations that you consistently go to or considered part of your camp? How often do you go to hear places?
Narue: Again LA I consider as my camp my stepping stone. I there right now twice a month usually 4-5 times at a time but soon I plan to live there for good.
Keith: Up to now what is your favorite project or single that you’ve released to the public?
Narue: I think my favorite single would be my song ‘shipwreck’ because I really took the time out to come up with a concept about breaking up and put it into a different saying instead of being simple. Lyrics are important to me, It’s also one of my favorites because it was EDM, something I didn’t know I’d be good at until I tried.
Keith: What were some set backs that you might not have expected?
Narue: A lot of the setbacks with me kind of where always the same. Putting my trust into the wrong people are just even being around people who I thought were in it for me but really weren’t. I had to learn the hard way. Sucks because I feel like i wasted so much time but you live and you learn.
Keith: How main stream of a sound are your targeting?
Narue: I’m trying to target a huge mainstream sound with my pop and my R&b every song I put out just has to be radio quality and ready.
Keith: What can we expect from Narue Pearson image moving forward (projects, singles style, visuals)
Narue: You can expect a lot more singles and a few EPs within the next few months along with music videos and collabs with LA producers. You also can expect a sound change. I’ve been putting out a lot more edgy tracks than pop tracks from when I first started.
Keith: In your honest opinion how do you feel the community or Pittsburgh music scene fits your image or your genre of sound?
Narue: To be honest I feel like Pittsburgh doesn’t give singers the kind of love they should Pittsburgh is more of a trap rap city. But I love Pittsburgh I love doing shows and networking with other artist and musical geniuses around the city. But I don’t feel like my sound fits here as much.
Keith: Where does your sound now compare to when you first released yourself as an artist to the public?
Narue: I think when I first started I wanted to be the next Jason Derulo, but over time I developed and learned to be myself now I can actually say my sound is me and not anyone else, I guess that’s a part of growing as artist finding your own style, lane, sound.
Keith: How big do you want to go or is being a local public figure and image enough for you at this point? Where do you see yourself in 10 years with music?
Narue: I want to go as far as my talents can take me. I want the world to know who I am. I really done want to be local forever that’s why I’m always traveling ive only ben in the music scene really 2 years and I’m already like this isn’t enough for me. in 10 years I see myself chilling on my couch in a mansion with all my Grammy awards.