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Empty Bank Review


Empty Bank Review


Jay IDK, Mr. Mills, King Trappy, all of these names can be used to refer to the mastermind behind “Sex, Drugs, and Homework”, “Subtrap”, and now “Empty Bank”. Calling the DC area home, although originally hailing from London, England, Jason Mills has been creating music in efforts to Ignorantly Deliver Knowledge, bridging the gap between legends A Tribe Called Quest and Gucci Mane, the Trap God himself.


With Jay IDK’s second project streamable via the various music-supplying services, Mr. Mills successfully blows us away and landed himself the first ever interview/album release for Forbes magazine.


Ranging from songs such as Boy’s Innocence to My Wallet, “Empty Bank” puts IDK’s versatility and world outlook on display. Empty Bank was created to illuminate people’s dependence on money, and how it essentially has a noose on all of us.


In Jay IDK’s previous works, he establishes a series of characters, one of which being “King Trappy III”, a plug living a life of high risk and high reward. This character foreshadows one of the themes of “Empty Bank” when IDK raps about imagining luxury in the song I Picture and then suddenly “Car got hit with 50 rounds” killing those inside over material possessions, money. This illuminates Mills’ views of money, how it corrupts people and drives individuals to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


Not only does IDK bring to light an important issue in today’s society, he continues to spit bars and leave fans awestruck. Trust Nobody is the last song of the album and showcases raw angst and savage rhymes, two of IDK’s characteristics that make him one of the premier rappers today. Being one of the songs that was initially released as a single, the public was able to bond with it a bit. This song creates a space for IDK to tell those “lurkin” that they need to back off. Mr. Mills sees these people as those that only “love me long as all my money last…” and that doesn’t fly.


Throughout the album, IDK brings in a crew of familiar faces to contribute to his masterpiece. Fat Trel, a fellow DMV resident, comes in on Boy’s Innocence to tell us all what it can take to get money, and the kinds of riches you can experience with it. Jimi Tents, Michael Christmas and Saba, 3 extremely talented artists are all featured on My Wallet helping IDK paint a picture of what the rest of us could do with fat stacks in a Louis V wallet. There are other features as well, but I didn’t want to ruin all of the fun.


Hearing someone, better yet a person with serious influence explain that the addiction to money isn’t healthy is exceedingly refreshing. Hearing that person do so in a way that has unreal rhymes and incredible wordplay is remarkable. If either of these things sounds interesting to you, take a few minutes out of your day and check the project out.