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DJ Khaled- “Major Key” (Album Review)

With the follow up to “I Changed A Lot” that dropped in 2015, Khaled delivers with his ninth studio album “Major Key” with, as you would guess, a very promising lineup is to be featured on this highly anticipated project. Now, my history with DJ Khaled’s music is very vague and not very deep. So, with that being said I went into hearing this album with an open mind and to be ready for anything.

DJ Khaled delivered a sample of his new album following the BET hip-hop awards with a single and video titled “I Got The Keys” and had Future and Jay-Z thrown on there. This song really got me excited to hear this album, although it wasn’t the best song on the album or even top five in my opinion, any song where you put Future and especially Jay-Z on it can only make the listener have high expectations for the album. And man did Khaled deliver.

To begin, I’m gonna start with the production. Khaled’s in his prime right now musically. The veteran producer has evolved enormously since his last album such as better feature combos, better production, and stronger diversity between songs. Every single song on this album has a killer instrumental to add to the very strong features. All of the songs on this album are so diverse in terms of beats, but at the same time they all fit together like a puzzle. For example, on the song “Ima Be Alright” the features are Bryson Tiller and Future. I never would’ve thought that I would hear Tiller and Future on the same track but, somehow, Khaled produced a beat and Tiller spit a CRAZY hook and it all worked somehow. Definitely cementing itself as my favorite song on the album. Also I cannot write this review without talking about the song with Nas called “Nas Album Done”. When I first saw the name of this song I nearly started crying. Could it be true? Nas is dropping album? AND ITS DONE?- Yes it’s true, Nas confirms at the end of the song that he took a break from the album to hop on Khaled’s project and now the album is done.

This album has a great mix of everything, and I mean everything; you even get to hear Nicki Minaj really sing, and very well too. Along with the super power raw production, this album fuses some of hip-hops finest artists together to create a unique sound that Khaled hasn’t delivered before. This album has been set in stone to be one of the best pieces of 2016 so far, and by far Khaled’s greatest project to date. If you don’t take time to listen to this, well, I hate to be that guy but, congratulations you played yourself.

Super Songs: All of them

Album Rating: 9.4/10

Production Rating: 9.2/10