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Chris Douglas-Roberts: Kings Never Get The Glory While They’re Still Alive

The legend of Chris Douglas-Roberts starts way before being drafted by the New Jersey Nets in 2008 and even way before teaming up with Derrick Rose at The University of Memphis and heading to a National Championship game. Since then he’s been on a cinematic journey throughout life, the NBA, fatherhood and much more. 

In entertainment, there’s always been a song composer for the artists, there’s always been a writer for the actors, a director for it all. The guys you don’t hear about, guys who don’t care for the attention, casually balling and achieving their goals. Chris Douglas-Roberts has been one of the most influential figures to the culture since his time under Coach Calipari. 
An extremely honest conversation with Chris Douglas-Roberts about Basketball, Life, Music, Style, The Culture, and DCTG.

I had a conversation with NBA Small Forward Chris Douglas-Roberts in late September. After our discussion, a few things have happened. He was waived by the New Orleans Pelicans, released a clothing line and moved to a new state. And oh yea, the Pelicans are second to last place in the western conference with a record of 5-15. CDR and I spoke again a few nights ago and what followed is something all athletes, artists, and anyone on a grind can surely benefit from. We discussed everything from music to fashion, including the ups and downs he’s currently facing with the game of basketball.


Chris Douglas-Roberts– Think about it. Its’s about being a pioneer,Everything is tradition,That’s wack. It’s about innovation. Look how quickly you’re getting these replies. You ask me stuff all the time. What’s the difference? So get your questions ready!

Siete Flournoy– Yea that’s real I feel that, had some questions and topics I wanted to talk to you about. Ima get them ready. Let me go make sure my Cubs are still sleep and get right back to you. 

Chris Douglas-Roberts– Let’s go.

Siete Flournoy– Your new series just dropped,what do you want the fans to get from the Don’t Cheat the grind series? how different is DCTG gonna be from I’m Not A Star.

CDR– DCTG™ The Series has a brand new feel. I have a new energy. I have a new videographer. Shit is jus wavier & cooler in my life now. I’m a cosmic being now. I know I’m from another realm now. The fans will continue to get truth from me. My lifestyle my work ethic. But now I’m just so free. I’m really loving right now. I want the ppl to see how stress and anger doesn’t exist in my life. I want the people to be healthier and live longer. I want us to get back to the source which is Mother Nature. I’m going to be delivering that in a wavy way though. A way that everyone can relate. I’m the new age leader. We look like this now. 

SF– You’ve had a massive affect on the culture you’re responsible for a handful of trends but sometimes you don’t always get the credit. how do you go about life knowing you inspire so many? Sometimes I feel like the hate you get is just confused love. 

CDR– Hate doesn’t exist in my world. Only love. Like you said they’re just confused because it’s something different. Something different will always be looked at in a negative way until it’s not different anymore. I bring a whole lot of different so that brings negativity. 
As far as getting the credit goes the kings never get the glory while they’re still alive. I’m doing what I do to change things. Impact people’s lives. When I say I’ll be here forever I mean it. DCTG™ will live on way after I leave this planet. I help people. That’s where I find credit. I’m changing lives in a positive way. That’s all the credit I need.

SF– Your fashion style is one of a kind,you can’t compare cdr style to anybody even on the court you’ve always been a different guy. I know you’ve told me fashion wise you just do whatever. but now you’ve dabbled in clothing and with your release of the DCTG sportswear where do you see your clothing going?

– It’s already to the moon because that’s where I’m at so there are no limits. I don’t believe in limits or anything. I just stay in the moment and right now at this moment it’s doing well. First day we had s bunch of orders shipped out. I just do whatever man. Just do what I want. 

SF– Not a lot of people understood your time in LA last season,I know you battled an injury but this week the sports world reported you signed a two year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. You got New team,new area,how’s your outlook on hoop what’s your mindset for going into training camp? How are you feeling physically ? 

CDR– Last year doesn’t exist to me. That’s how I feel about it. Just never happened. That’s how I move. The past or future doesn’t exist just now. Right now I feel great. I’m at a great place physically and spiritually. As far as hoop I’m focusing on getting back to my roots which is a scoring guard. I had a good talk with Wave God Sr (Jamal Crawford) & he told me to always play my game. Make them conform. Instead of trying to fit in. That’s great advice because sometimes the situation you’re in makes you fit in. Makes you a certain type of player. So now I’m just on my shit. Back hooping freely. 
People seen that 50 game in pick up and was acting like it wasn’t against pros. People say I look different. Nah that’s who I’ve always been, but I just got away from it. 

– Yea I feel you on that,you are an exciting player to watch no doubt. I’m glad you getting back to being “buckets” and back to making everybody adjust to who you are. You have a strong mental focus,or mental strength. In your DCTG episode you spoke again about selling your lambo & losing $200k you said you’re a survivor. Most men would’ve gave up by now,most men would’ve created some excuse. Where do you get your strength from ? Does it not get tiring to keep having to fight the uphill battle?

CDR– I’ve grown dog. I’ve lived a lot of heartbreak. A lot of unfortunate things have happened in my life just like everybody else but it’s just how I handle the situation. I know that every single thing teaches you a lesson. Especially the trying times. Those are the greatest lessons. I just live like that. I see the positive in everything oppose to seeing the negative. I appreciate everything. A lot of my strength comes from me growing within. I don’t live in this material world. I don’t have earthly attachments. I don’t care about the stuff yall care about that’s why I’m free. Whatever happens happens. I’m in control. This will be the greatest interview the world has seen.


SF– Like I mentioned before your style on the court is different. In my opinion you are on another level when it comes to style,you introduced me to a whole different level of style and comfort. 
In your opinion what are your top 5 favorite shoes to hoop in & explain the new style of shorts your rocking on the court.

CDR– I don’t really have a top 5. I find more comfort in low tops though. It’s basically whatever when it comes to hoop shoes. I can move around in pretty much anything. 
The short shorts was something I’ve been doing period. With my everyday style. I wear my jean shorts short like Stone Cold. So I just wanted to wear my hoop shorts short too. That’s all it was. I’ve been wanting to wear shorter shorts for a while now but I just said eff it and did it. 

SF– Sports and music go hand in hand,What’s CDR listening to? Top 5 songs out in your opinion right now? What artists are you a fan of? What music gets you right before workouts or for game time,& when you are creating or just chilling what do your playlists consist of? 

CDR– I’m very random. I like a wide range of music from rock to rap. So it all depends on how I’m feeling. Then there are times I don’t want to listen to shit and for it to be quiet. I’ll be here all night trying to name all the artist I like and I know I’ll be leaving some out. But for the most part I like chill shit. I don’t want to hear turn up music at home. Just at the club or car sometimes. 

– You switched your diet,I know a lot of people are new to the entire vegan wavewhat would you say to a person interested in switching over and what made you decide to make the switch. I mean man,I know you miss a good cheese burger,& chipotle haha you gotta be hungry a lot.


CDR– I am one with the universe now. Which means I don’t believe I’m more important than a bird, bee, tree or cow. I don’t believe animals should be killed for us to eat. They have a place on this earth just like you & I do. They have feelings and all the other emotions you and I have. I don’t miss any of that shit honestly. I still have a hard time with myself knowing I use to eat animals. It’s hard for me. It’s not even about being a vegan to me it’s about being an asset to this planet. Also look around. Everybody is unhealthy and out of shape. It’s all because of your diet. People don’t know how harmful it is putting dead flesh in your body. Or putting milk from a cow in your body. We’ve been taught wrong. We are living a life someone told us to live. You don’t even know why you eat animals you just do it. You don’t even realized what the animals go thru during that process. This is not our natural way. If you were locked in a room with a live cow or chicken and an apple you wouldn’t eat the live chicken I’m sure of it. You’d eat the apple. It’s unnatural to eat other beings. Until we understand that things won’t change. We’ll keep being sick and plagued by cancer, Diabetes and all the other diseases caused by diet. Nothing is hereditary. Just bad habits. 
I’ll tell you this, since I don’t eat that stuff I’m never sick ever. No runny nose no cough nothin. Neither are my kids or wife. My diet doesn’t consist of any meat, fish dairy or white sugar. Eliminate that from your diet and I guarantee you’ll feel wavy and sexy & age backwards like me. 

SF-What is your greatest Basketball memory? & Any significance between you and the number fifty-five ? 

CDR-I don’t have any memories [laughs] hahahahahaha and I’ll let you go research the symbolism of # 55 I’m about to go meditate peace. 

Fast Forward to December 3rd 2015,as I sit inside my car with Wiz Khalifas Taylor Allderdice playing off my iPad. I again speak to CDR with Episode 2 of DCTG The Series freshly posted online for all fans to see we discussed a few things.. 

CDR– lets make this legendary I’m only in this thing for legendary.   

SF– we’re fresh off Episode 2 of your newest vlog series #DCTG. Your whole Don’t Cheat The Grind concept is something that’s spreading crazy throughout the culture right now. The young athletes really follow your moves. The young creatives really live by ya philosophy…& even the hood guys respect the grind. for someone on the outside looking in…can you explain exactly what DTCG means to you at this point in your life.  

– First off I’m eating vegan pancakes right now. 

But DCTG™ is my life. My brand. It just turned into a thing throughout the world, but really its my entire life. It means never stop. Whatever your grind is, don’t cheat it. Work hard and hustle smarter. It’s became a thing because literally everybody is grinding in one way or another. Everyone has felt that feeling of temporary defeat. I just put my life on the line everyday and I stand by it. That’s what the series about. I’m actually living out the grind. My life is a fuckin movie dog. Literally. The story needs to be told and the movie needs to be seen so thats what the series is about. It also just so happens I’m the Supreme so its also entertaining.

– yea,I seen the Ted Dibiase,Ric Flair Max B type speech you let off on the episode. you got a legendary tale going on right now & with the youth really focusing in on you..DCTG is a positive wave. we are a few months into the NBA season,what are your thoughts on basketball right now.

  CDR– My thoughts aren’t on it to be honest. That last situation caused an extreme detachment that I had to go through to spiritually grow. I’m still a hooper. I love the game with all my heart like literally its been my life since i was about 9, but i can’t let it dictate my emotions and happiness. It’s really not much I can say but Gentry, AD, J. Holiday man literally everybody on the Pelicans team wanted me there and was sad as fuck and shocked I got released and so was I. People don’t understand whats really going on. I was starting during preseason dog. Knew the entire playbook from front to back from every position. The list goes on and on, but now I realize that in order for be to become the Supreme, life had to destroy my ego. Which that last situation did and Im happy it happened honestly because now shit is different. I’m completely detached and have no earthly desires. My desires are pure now, but I’m also done with petty shit. I have less patience now. I feel like I’m really unstoppable now. I lived through everything. Multiple heartbreak and now nothing phases me. I don’t care what anybody says or thinks about me now. I don’t have nothing to prove to anyone. It’s like when Vegeta turned Super Saiyan for the first time. I put my 10,000 hours in plus some. Paid all my dues plus some. I’m content knowing Ive done my part. Now the universe has to meet me halfway. It’s not about chasing a dream. No disrespect to nobody but I just don’t like the way that sounds. It seems like when you’re chasing a dream its running from you. It also leads to expectation. I believe in doing your part in good faith knowing the shit is going to happen for you at the right time now. Either way in the mean time I’m living. DCTG™ Sportswear crewnecks coming out this month. 
Great question this is legendary.

– Supreme you’ve reached complete clarity,you’re healthy & at this point you gotta go out destroying everything. From hoopster,to hipster you got a style that’s real influential and your story makes it all the better. We see people copy the wave all the time. how do you deal with starting trends and having guys mimic that shit. giving no credit. you ghost writing a lot of styles right now. 

CDR– This is why I’m Wave. I can do this for another hunned years dog. Style for style. I really don’t care about too much of anything so i def don’t care about someone getting the credit for something i created. Half of the time I don’t know anyway because i never turn on the tv or world star. When i tweet i say what i say and close the app most of the time. I have to actually remind myself to go through my mentions or whatever. Same thing on IG. i go to specific pages i learn from and get out of there. I aint tripping on that. I created a world that i stay in that I’m happy in. Anything outside of that makes mer nervous a little. I don’t trust people like that.

SF– The word is so trendy now,but nobody before you was calling themselves a “Wave God” similar to how TIP called himself the king of the south nobody was doing that. Nobody wanted to step outside the box,everybody followed the trends,never really making shit their own. When you call yourself Wave God what exactly does it mean? 

CDR– Chase N Cashe is original Wave God. But I’m more spiritual with it. Like someone who was sent to make things better. Like an Egyptian God or deity. I’m totally different than how I was a few years ago that’s how I know it’s something deeper. There are many reasons I’m the Wave God. When I’m talking Wave and waves I’m talking energy. I’m a fan of Max B definitely. But if we’re being specific it’s more spiritual than anything. There are extra dimensions and in these dimensions this is where life arises from. Electromagnetic waves. I can go on and on but I know people don’t like learning but just know it’s deeper than that. If you want to learn more read on The Waters of Annu or the String theory. Also I’m like water. Which is life. Add me in and I make shit smoother and more better. Water is life and without it there is no life. 

SF– What more can we expect from the wave god chronicles ? more hoopin? traveling ? 


CDR– Who knows. Thats the beauty of my life. I just flow with life cycles. There are no ups and downs with me everything is just up and I live just a cool ass life regardless of whats going on. I work hard and do what I want to do without any outside influence on my moves. I trust the grind. Whatever happens happens but I’m not waiting on things to be perfect to be the man. Regardless I’m going to be the man. But i also have a company and I make other moves behind the scenes outside of clothing. The clothing will be really large soon by the way. So yea my answer i guess is to just follow the Wave. I tweeted how my life is like the waviest movie ever full of suspense. Everyday i wake up shit is crazy.
One thing you won’t see me doing on there is dabbing though [laughs] ahahahhahhahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa

SF– [laughs] hahahahahahaha –As far as your “vibe”, I got a chance to ride in a car with you shortly and you had future playing. when you’re traveling or designing clothes or even just posted. what music do you have playing and does it vary in mood ? 

– add on to the hoop shit. My agent Tony Jones is doing a helluva job on his end doing his part. He’s still in the NBA mix, I’m just not. I’m just focusing on training and being happy everyday. I’m just not keeping up with it like that. Music varies from time and moods. Right now Renzel is dominating my ipod/ipad. When Chase first dropped I was only playing Chase. I like up and coming artist too like Ezzy Babe. Its another young kid name Twan Lama. My homies have an artist named Non based out of Detroit. It all depends on how I’m feeling at the time. I want to see the youngins get a shot though. I like Meek. Definitely haven’t and never will turn on Meek. I’m waiting for Pusha like everybody. Its so much music man.I hate to leave great artist out. But my vibe is the same all the time no matter what. Very cool and smooth all the time. I’m live like how George Gervin played basketball. If i could describe myself id just say my personality is how George Gervin played basketball.
SF– Makes sense,you take your craft serious and don’t want it to cloud your thoughts. when cdr returns I think we’ll see a new attitude on the court. Throughout the years has your approach to the game changed at all? 

– I have a deep love for the game so when it treats me bad i take it hard. I’m emotional with this hoop shit so theres always been a seriousness toward the game and preparation. Now i’m more locked in but also detached. I’m not as emotional. One of my biggest lesson I had to grow from was letting go what i cared for the most. Throughout the years I let the game take me on a rollercoaster ride. Every little thing would pull me emotionally. That’s how life goes when you base your happiness on fullfillment. Fulfillment never ends. Once you get what you always wanted you’re going to want something else. The shit never ends. There is only one true happiness and thats within. Nothing on the outside can truly make you happy. I’ve learned that now. Now I’m happy within. Everything else is a plus.

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