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Chance the Rapper tackles a fan


Last evening in Miami, Chance the Rapper was performing at the Fillmore until suddenly, a fan appears on stage and begins to wrap himself around the Chicago star. Probably startled and worried for his safety, Mr. Bennett turned around, and switched the situation around by tackling the fan.

It is unclear as to what the motives were of the fan, whether he got himself on stage to tackle or dance with lil Chano, we may never know. What is clear, however, is that incidents such as this one have been occurring and are being brought to light in the new age of mobile phones with cameras. The ability to easily pull out your phone and record these events takes seconds and has lead to the further spreading of information in the technological era.

Chance, I hope you’re ok, and the rest of the world does too. You seemed to have handled the situation pretty well and looked like a Chicago Bears’ linebacker in the process.

The Magnificent Coloring World Tour is set to continue tonight in Tallahassee, FL and then the man from 79th is off to the west coast. Hopefully everyone’s beloved rapper won’t have to fend off anymore fans throughout the rest of his travels.

If you wish to see Chance’s NFL abilities look below: