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Schoolboy Q- “Blank Face” (Album Review)


Quincy Hanley, or for those that remotely care about the hip hop scene, Schoolboy Q, recently dropped the Blank Face LP reasserting his dominance in the world of gangster rap. The entire album is a portrayal of Q’s past, giving us an album that portrays a different point of view of his life as a more mature man than his previous works.

Q kicks off the album with TorcH and immediately lets the world know his disdain for the main stream when he belts “fuck the blogs”. Throughout the song, Q reminisces of being a younger man living with his Grandmother and riding with his boys from the neighborhood Whether that be scooping honeys, supplying the demand, or grieving over a lost one, Schoolboy Q is able to paint a vivid picture with bars on bars on bars.

Soon enough after laying some precedent to how the tracks will be, Yeezy appears in one of the features of the year in a single that has been topping charts since its release. Compton meats Chiraq delivers 2 independent artists laying smooth lines over one of the more outside-the-box beats we’ve heard this year.

Track number 9 is a personal favorite on the album where California native Earl Stevens better known ass E-40 lays some perspective to balance Q’s previous lifestyle. Dope Dealer shows the various tasks and people that Dealers have to go through in order to take care of business. E-40 has been commercially making music since 1986 and CLEARLY will never lose what he’s got. Mad rhymes illuminate the tough arena Cali kids like these two grow up in and the constant battle between the police and the law enforcement of the streets.

In closing the LP, Schoolboy Q features two of his boys Traffic and TF on Tookie Knows II. All three of these guys make it know that they “might die for this shit” when bringing to the surface their part in the Crip lifestyle. A common threat through each of the three verses is the idea of NEVER ratting no matter what, effectively overriding the Game Theory.

Schoolboy Q effectively portrays his gangbanging days in an objective way, neither glorifying it or nor shitting on it. With features ranging from legend E-40 to the ever-talented (fellow Crip) Vince Staples, this album is full of bangers while still living up to Q’s nature of laying out a crazy story for us all to follow.